GLENCO Engineering Incorporated

About GLENCO Engineering Incorporated
GLENCO provides Engineering Consulting Services that include structural analysis and testing of mechanical systems.

Analysis includes static and dynamic finite element analysis primarily using the ANSYS program. Evaluation of mechanical structures consider stress and vibration resulting from applied loading events. Analytical results are utilized to evaluate structures for fatigue, yield, and ultimate criteria. Analyses also consider non-linearies such as large deflections, plasticity and contact problems.

 Mechanical Engineering Consulting

Testing includes dynamic strain and acceleration measurements. Strain gages and other instrumentation can be applied on site as required. Capabilites include 24 strain channels and 4 "DC" accelerometers acquiring 16-bit data at rates exceeding 500 samples per second. Several other "voltage" channels can also be monitored. All equipment is portable and battery operated.

Services include reports to document analyses and testing performed. Test plans can also be prepared and correlation of test data with analytical predictions can be performed as required.

GLENCO Engineering Incorporated
26121 Camino Largo
Mission Viejo, California   92692

Ph: (949) 348-9319
Fax: (949) 348-9419

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